Happiness | Georgia @ Freckles

Everyone needs happiness their lives. But every now and again we get on the emotional roller coaster called life. With that in mind, here are 7 things that can help you be happy! This is a helping hand to happiness.


1.     Don’t expect everyone to love what makes you happy.

You should do whatever you want to make yourself happy. You might like to cuddle up with a hot chocolate by the fire and watch a movie or, go on a refreshing winters walk and embrace nature etc. Whereas others might like to go to the gym or even relax with a cup of tea and a good book. Don’t expect happiness to be one-size-fits-all. Everyone likes something different, but it’s best just to do what makes you happy!


2.     Don’t expect success, fame and money to make you happier.

Of course you can still chase those dreams and create a wonderful life for you, but just don’t let it all go to your head. Don’t let it change you. Creating a successful business is a massive accomplishment and that in itself should make you happy and proud.


3.     Keep challenging yourself.

Be the best you can be. Power on through those tough days because they’ll all be worth it after you hard work and dedication to your work, family, and life in general. You should be challenging yourself to the point where you’re so focused that you arrive in a state of flow. Boredom the opposite of flow, so get those creative juices flowing.


4.     Be generous.

Being kind and generous towards other people really does lift your spirits. By doing that selfless and generous action to that stranger in the street, someone in your family, or even one of your work colleges you will create happiness for said person and happiness for yourself.  


5.     Be grateful.

Gratitude is a choice. And you should be happier by recognizing and being grateful for everything you see around you. The water out of your tap, the food you eat, your family etc. We don’t usually appreciate what we have around us very often, but we definitely should.


6.     Tell the truth.

Telling the truth is such a simple step into happiness. It’s so easy to tell a little white lie just to escape a problem. But it’s so much easier if you address the problem and tell the truth to why and how it’s affecting you. Of course there may be consequences to the truth but you will feel so much better about yourself knowing that you have a guilt free conscience.


7.     SMILE!

This final step is very simple. Research shows that if you smile more it can improve your health, marriage, other relationships and it increases life expectancy. So, if you haven’t smiled yet today…go for it!