Relaxation | Georgia @ Freckles


Your life is busy…am I right? So why not take some time for yourself, and just relax. Ignore everyone and everything. Turn off your TV, computer and phone and just concentrate on you. Only you.

Step 1. Deep Muscle Relaxation

Face: push your eyebrows together, as though frowning, then release.

Neck: gently tilt you head forwards, pushing your chin down towards your chest, then slowly lift again.

Shoulders: pull them up towards the ears (shrug), and then relax them down towards your feet.

Chest: breathe slowly and deeply into the diaphragm (below your bottom rib) so that you're using all of your lungs. Then breathe slowly out; allowing your stomach to deflate as all the air is exhaled.

Arms: stretch your arms away from the body, reach, and then relax.

Legs: push your toes away from the body, then pull them towards the body, then relax.

Wrists and hands: stretch the wrist by pulling your hand up towards you, and stretch out the fingers and thumbs, then relax.

Spend some time lying quietly after your relaxation with your eyes closed. When you feel ready, stretch and get up slowly.

Step 2. Mental Relaxation

Music can relax you, connect you to your emotions and distract you from worrying thoughts that might be lingering. It’s best to listen to your favourite songs, turn up the volume and dance or sing along. Or you can put your headphones on, take a seat, and close your eyes. You should really listen to the music. What are the different instruments being used? Is there a drum beat or a repeated rhythm?

Or, Picture yourself somewhere serene

If you can’t physically get away, use your imagination can take you somewhere you feel calm and relaxed. It’s best to think of somewhere relaxing and peaceful. Maybe a memory of somewhere you’ve been, or a place you have originally imagined.

Close your eyes, and think about the details. What does it look like? What colours can you see? Are there any sounds? Is it warm or cold? Let your mind drift.

Step 3. Take a Soothing Bath

A warm bath can loosen tense muscles, get rid of muscle aches and joint pains, and can help to create a healthy circulation. While immersing yourself in the bathtub is typically soothing, learn how to increase relaxation and benefit from a good soak after a long, tough day.

Your warm bath encourages you to lie back; it’s the perfect setting to perform some simple relaxation techniques. Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest and breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose. Feel your stomach expand while your chest stays still. If you can, hold the breath for several seconds and then exhale slowly through your mouth.

We hope that these methods truly can help you to relax after a long and stressful day.