Strength | Jo @ Freckles

As I prepare for the Easter holiday and going home to my family, half of me is filled with excitement and the other half of dread, as I prepare myself for time at home without Freckles. A time where he won’t be in the garden, or stood at the back door. Where he won’t be ready and waiting to share carrots and where he won’t be able to give me hugs of support and strength. I miss him everyday and every night I wish him goodnight as I have done for so many years. 

It has been a tough two months. There have been ups and downs within Freckles Childcare - launching a business is not that easy but we keep going. I find strength in the memories I have of Freckles and I, when we were faced with new challenges, from competing and hunting to the day we found out we could never ride again together. I was heartbroken, I wasn’t sure where I could go from there, but we did. We found a new way to spend time together and we overcame that hurdle as we overcame so many hurdles before and I now know that through the power of strength and perseverance I can overcome anything. 

When I have a bad day and we don’t seem to progress as a company I think back to the beginning to where we started and I realise how far we have come, what we have achieved. Furthermore, I acknowledge that as time moves on, things must change, approaches must be altered and we must continue to pivot. Whilst we never stray from our morals and our beliefs, we are constantly working towards refining our product, to perfecting our service and to delivering the best we can. 

I saw an amazing quote on twitter this week, it is the one above. It really stuck out resonated with me and the team here at Freckles Childcare. When I lost Freckles I thought I had lost my hero, but now I realise that he is actually so much a part of me that his heroism is within me. I am now a hero for the both of us. We must never lost sight of our dreams and we must work at making them a reality. It feels all the more poignant at this time of year, where the story of Easter teaches us that anything can be overcome. 

We are here. Stronger than before. Working harder than before. But most importantly being our own heros. Share in our strength, let it fuel you and together we can achieve.