Summer Kaya Social | Anna @ Freckles

There were some very interesting, perhaps unseen yoga positions displayed by myself, Jo and our Kayas at the Summer Kaya Social on Clifton downs last Thursday! Thank you all for coming, and an even bigger thank you to our wonderful Kaya, Dom, for the yoga lesson (we are all hoping Dom’s yoga on the downs might become a regular thing!) 

We were so lucky that it was a lovely sunny evening to hold the lesson outside and to enjoy some bubbly and scones… the perfect time to catch up with our Kayas, hear about what they’re up to and how their kids are behaving!  

And it was also lovely to see some new faces…we want to spread the word about Freckles and we’re always on the lookout for more incredible Kayas just like you!  

We loved having Dom teach us yoga and show us her skills outside of Freckles- and we want to continue this sharing of skills during our Kaya socials (you are a very talented bunch) 

So if you have something you want to share or teach…be it creative, artistic, or something completely wild and wacky then let us know and we can get organising some really awesome socials! 

                   (Some goodies for our Kayas…we do love you spoil you!)

                 (Some goodies for our Kayas…we do love you spoil you!)

The next #KayaSocial will be held on Thursday 4th August- and it’s looking like it will be a cake decorating lesson in Bath- unless you guys can thinking of something even better you’d like to be doing… we are open to suggestions! (although what beats cake?) 

The Facebook event page has just been created- click here to take a look...

Keep practicing those yoga skills, Kayas!