The First Kaya Social | Anna @ Freckles

A fun evening was had by all last week! As I’m sure you know, we held our First Kaya Social at Sub13 in Bath. It was a great success as we spent a fabulous evening of cocktails with some of our Kayas and their special guests- thank you all so much for coming!

We were so lucky to be joined by some new faces as our Kayas brought along friends who wanted to know more about Freckles. These lovely guests made up half of our attendees and we hope to see more of them as we spread the word about Freckles!

We treated everyone to cocktails, a talk from guest speaker and child counsellor Susannah Padiachy, as well as some goodies to take away with them.

There were also some fab prizes to be won for the best idea of an ‘ideal day out with the kids’ …and of course the kaya who would take them to Airhop took the bubbly home!

Most importantly, it was an opportunity for our Kayas to meet each other and chat about their experiences. We will be holding a Kaya Social at least every two months as we build up our Kaya community- and we see this community as a way to help each other out and discuss any issues, and create a sense of being part of something- which is so important to Freckles.

(A photo of the last ones standing!)

The next Kaya Social will be Thursday 9th June and will be held in Bristol. There is also a mini social Friday 2nd of June in Bath as Lisa, one of our Kayas, will be part of a fashion show…any excuse for an outing! So if you can’t make the main social then we’d love to see you for a catch up on the 2nd! Details will be out next week...

It would be great to hear any awesome ideas you might have for our next social- so please click here and share them with us