• Why is it called Freckles Childcare?

Freckles was the best friend of founder Jo Chavasse. He was understanding and loving, he had an intense sense of right and wrong and he taught her many of the values and standards that she holds today. He was a 30 year old pony who had been a part of her life since she was 11 years old. She was 24 when she lost him. When deciding on a name for the company she couldn’t reach a name that she connected with. It wasn’t until she was on a walk with a friend and she said ‘I just need someone to give me a name and that will be that’ to which the friend said ‘okay, Green Leaf’ and her response was, ‘that’s rubbish!’ So they tried another tack with the friend asking her what made her happiest in the world, to quote: 'I didn’t even have to think of a reply, it was the answer it has always been and will always be. It was Freckles’.

  • What does Kaya mean?

Kaya is a Native American word meaning elder sibling and is what we call our candidates.

  • How is a Kaya different?

A Kaya combines childcare and housekeeping.

  • Do Kayas speak English? 

Yes, all Kayas are fluent in English.

  • Who can be a Kaya?

Our Kayas are reliable, flexible, responsible and fun loving, with a positive attitude and bundles of energy.

  • What tasks are expected of a Kaya?

Kayas combine childcare and housekeeping and so tasks will involve both sole charge childcare and housekeeping duties such as laundry, cooking, grocery shopping etc.

  • Are there live in and live out Kayas?

Yes. However the majority are live out. 

  • How long does a Kaya normally stay for? 

We aim to find someone who can commit to the full length of time the client needs a Kaya for. For long term placements we only consider applicants who can commit to a minimum of 12 months.

  • Does a Kaya need to provide their own car? 

It entirely depends on the family but if the Kayas own car is being used they need to have business insurance and be reimbursed 45p per mile to cover fuel costs and wear and tear. Click here for government information.

  • How many hours does a Kaya work per week?  

Our service is tailored and bespoke to each client therefore a Kaya can work any number of hours. The average number of hours worked a week is 14.

  • Who is responsible for ensuring National Insurance and Income Tax contributions are paid? 

National insurance and income tax contributions are dependent on whether the Kaya is employed or self-employed. See here for government information.

  • What is an enhanced DBS check?

An enhanced DBS check, formally known as CRB, is a criminal record check and must be undertaken by all potential Kayas as part of the application process.

  • What qualifications does a Kaya have to have?

None. We believe that whilst qualifications are advantageous, a Kayas attitude and approach to life and their work is more important.

  • Do Kayas hold a Paediatric First Aid certificate? 

Yes. We provide training if they do not hold an in date certificate. 

  • Do all Kayas receive training?

Absolutely. All long term Kayas receive our four component training; Freckles specific training, Paediatric first aid, Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health, Family cooking.

Training is delivered over four days within a 12-week period.

  • What support is there for families and Kayas? 

We provide intensive support during the 12-week settling in period after which we take a step back but remain on hand. We are there for both client and Kaya throughout the employment.

  • What is a Kayas hourly rate?

£10 per hour gross.

  • How much does Freckles charge for a long term placement (more than 12 weeks)?

See long-term pricing for detailed information on the three packages Freckles provides.

  • How much does Freckles charge for a short term placement (less than 12 weeks)?

£100 per week of employment, with a minimum fee charge of £500

  • How much does Freckles charge for an Event Kaya?

See event pricing for detailed information on the three packages Freckles provides which can be tailored to you and your event.