Kaya Nanny Training

At Freckles we are passionate about personality and fit. We strongly believe that with the right attitude and approach to life, you can learn everything you need to, to do a fantastic job. When I first started nannying in 2009, I had zero experience looking after children (!), but I threw myself in the deep end with 4 children - asking questions, googling things and using my common sense and well we all survived to tell the tale! Yes I made mistakes (we all do) but it would have been amazing to have had some extra support. And that is what I want for you all.

In April 2018 (just before our third birthday) we ran a 3 day residential training weekend for our newest Kaya Nannies. We had been running training courses for two years, delivered over Saturdays and requiring the Kaya Nannies to give up a lot of their (already limited) free time. Fast forward to now and we have combined the courses and are running intensive 3 day residential trainings throughout the year. Training includes; Emotional Health, Family Cooking and Paediatric First Aid. We deliver an Our Vision and Safeguarding training during an earlier supplementary session. 

Nannying is a traditionally solo industry and we've found that by running a residential training course we are able to sow the seeds of friendship, support and community. I am passionate about the Emotional Health of our children but also of our Kaya Nannies and in order for you to be your best selves you need to be supported, valued, loved and part of a team. And that in a nutshell is us here at Freckles. 

Finally, all Kaya Nannies receive a copy of the Kaya Nanny Companion - it covers all of your training, has activities, recipes, development knowledge and so much more. It's written by us for you. 



Emotional Health

We have partnered with the incredible Dr Maryhan to perfect our Emotional Health course which includes; an introduction to mental health whilst covering topics specific to children such as anxiety, attachment, confidence and resilience.

The course looks practically at what you can do for your child. It is tailored and specific. You also create and take away your very own toolkit - full of games, glitter bottles, cards, ideas and equipment to implement with your children. 

Dr Maryhan is then always on hand for you throughout your time with Freckles - and of course, we are here for you too. 


Family Cooking

For our Family Cooking course we have the wonderful Caroline Winstanley delivering the training. She is an incredible cook and the former writer for the 'Tasty' section in The Times newspaper.

The course covers everything from basic nutrition and food hygiene, to light lunches, speedy suppers, birthday cakes and after school snacks.


Paediatric First Aid - 6 or 12 hour

We run a fully certified 6 hour course which can be tailored to any attendee requirements as it is delivered by our very own trainer, who we've worked with for the past 3 years. We offer both the 12 hour blended course (6 hour practical and 6 hours online) and the 6 hour practical course.

For nursery workers and childminders the 12 hour course is essential but for nannies (including Ofsted registration) the 6 hour course is sufficient. Both certificates last for 3 years. 


Our Vision & Safeguarding

This is delivered in a 3 hour session, mid week and during the middle of the day to ensure that it has the smallest impact on your lives and your families requirements. The Safeguarding course we complete is provided by the NSPCC and Our Vision training covers everything from laundry to managing relationships. 

How training works

All training (except the Paediatric First Aid course) is provided free of charge to Kaya Nannies. This includes the resources, accommodation, food and of course the trainers. For Nannies external to Freckles it is possible to attend our 3 day residential training course for a charge of £500 + VAT (this includes the Paediatric First Aid course). Please drop Becca an email on becca@freckleschildcare.co.uk if you would like to book your space.

Our next training date is 24 - 25 November 2018. 


If you have any questions at all then give us a call on 01225 722883 or drop the team an email to kayas@freckleschildcare.co.uk - we cannot wait to hear from you!