Our Kaya Nannies

At Freckles we are not prescriptive about hours, days or times. Be it a one off booking, a temporary booking, a permanent booking or even your wedding. In every situation you will receive the same standard of exceptional Kaya Nanny, with a service that is tailored and bespoke to each and every family

We find, recruit, train and support high-quality, trustworthy individuals to join our families, combine childcare and housekeeping and provide first class childcare. Our goal is to enable you (as a parent) to spend more quality time with your children when you get home. 

Housekeeping duties are completely family dependant and can include any of the following and more; family laundry, family cooking, dog walking, light cleaning, grocery shopping, PA duties - the list goes on...



Permanent Kaya Nannies (13 weeks or more)

Whether you need 40 hours per week or 2 afternoons per week, we can help.


Temporary Kaya Nannies (12 weeks or less)

We all need a bit of extra help sometimes; whether you've got a big project on at work, you're expecting a baby number 3 or your taking an evening Spanish class and at Freckles we can help. Be it full time or part time, a random one-off booking, 2 evenings a week for 6 weeks or for the entire stretch of the never ending school holidays.


Wedding & Event Nannies

Ensuring you can kick back, enjoy the speeches, drink champagne and celebrate, whilst your children are cared for by our Kaya Nannies. They are able to put the little ones to bed, take them back to the hotel or just keep them happily entertained until your feet ache from partying and you're all ready to go to bed!



We would absolutely love to find you an incredible Kaya Nanny so if you have any questions about anything or would like us to start your search then please get in touch with the team on 01225 722883 or pop us an email to info@freckleschildcare.co.uk.