I'm Jo, and I am SO happy you're here! Thank you for visiting, it's amazing to have you! 

I launched Freckles in 2015 because I absolutely love families, family life and want to provide a childcare service which both the kids and the parents love. At Freckles our goal is to enable parents to spend more quality time with their children when they get home. 

As a result of working with families over the years, I've become passionate about developing emotionally secure children. So not only does Freckles provide compulsory Emotional Health and Wellbeing training to our Kaya Nannies, we deliver talks and training which is open to anyone and we run confidence workshops specifically for children.


We don't believe in prescriptive childcare. We believe in you getting what you need. Whether it's a random day or a long term placement. Full time or part time. Ad-hoc but long term or just for the holidays. Whatever you need, just ask. 

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But right now I am just so pleased, excited and honoured that you're here reading this - and if there is anything (and I mean anything!) you need then you can get me on jo@freckleschildcare.co.uk

If you're looking for an exciting new adventure working with children, you're considering moving into the childcare industry or you just want to see what your options are then I hope Freckles leaves you feeling super duper inspired! You can find out lots more about our Kaya Nannies here →

If you're a client then I hope you realise how much I personally care about your children. I'm often asked if I have children. Biologically the answer is no, but actually the answer is yes. All the children I've personally looked after over the years, but also all the children that our Kaya Nannies look after. I'm so insanely passionate about providing them, your children, with the best care; physically and emotionally. When you join Freckles you don't just get a 'nanny' you get a Kaya Nanny and everything that comes with being part of the Freckles Family.


A few more things about me... 

I'm a massive people person, I'm terrible at being on my own, I'm completely animal mad and I'm a teeny bit bonkers (but who's not ey?!)! 

I'm also an awesome car dancer (at least I like to think so), I live with the first family I ever worked for (crazy hey?), I sing (out of tune) a lot, I love messing around with Dodo (my hilarious Cocker Spaniel), I adore seeing my pals and family and I just LOVE life (well most of the time - but some days it's super hard, I get stressed, I cry, but then tend to get over it!)!


I am so passionate about Freckles, our Kaya Nannies, our Families and our Kids. Together we make an unstoppable force of love, commitment and service and I'm so excited for everything that's coming! So thank you, for popping in to say hi and I really hope you'll join me for the adventure!


Big love,