The Freckles Process

At Freckles we pride ourselves on a personable, tailored and exceptional service. We are here throughout and want to ensure our clients have the best experience possible.


Step 1: a chat

Get in touch with us by email or phone, and we’ll have a good chat to get to know you and your family, understand what you need, and discuss what you would like your Kaya Nanny to help you with. We are never prescriptive - instead we will work towards your ideal. We understand that every family is unique, so there are no blanket forms to fill in - just a personal, friendly, one-to-one conversation.


Step 2: home visit

Our founder, Jo, will visit your home at a time to suit you, with or without your children. It’s a chance for Jo to hear more about your childcare needs, understand your family setup and get a good idea of the philosophies and ethos that you live by. It also a chance for you to get to know us better, find out more about Freckles and ask any questions you might have. A personal touch is our promise.


Step 3: updates

While we’re searching for the right Kaya Nanny for your family, we’ll keep in touch with regular updates by email and/or phone (whichever you prefer).


Step 4: shortlist

We put together an amazing shortlist, making sure the candidates meet your criteria and needs, and are also a great personality fit. Once we have selected an excellent shortlist of 2-3 candidates we’ll send you their profiles (CV and application form responses) along with their video CVs. This gives you the opportunity to narrow the selection down and only spend time interviewing the candidates you feel are a great fit for your family.


Step 5: interviews

Tell us which candidates you’d like to interview and we’ll arrange a date and time that works for everyone. You’re welcome to include your children in the interview process if you’d like to.  


Step 6: trial

After a successful interview we encourage a paid trial before you make a job offer, to ensure you are delighted with the selected Kaya Nanny.


Step 7: paperwork

Once the job has been offered and accepted we draw up personalised contracts and if you’d like us to manage your payroll, we’ll get that set up too. 

Freckles does offer an employment service, where we employ the Kaya Nanny and contract them out to you. As such Freckles takes on all of the responsibility of being an employer.


Step 8: always here

We’ll check in with you regularly and we’re always on hand to help and give support whenever needed. Whether it’s day one, or two years in, we are always just a phone call away.

If you have any questions about anything or would like us to start your search then please get in touch with the team on 01225 722883 or pop us an email to We cannot wait to find you a fabulous Kaya Nanny!