Hi everyone!  

Summer is finally upon us, and if you wish to cool down during these warm months, why not try these super healthy strawberry ice-lollies! This quick and easy recipe is a healthy alternative to any store bought ice cream. 

You also don’t have to use strawberry. This recipe works with any fruit, or even a mixture of every fruit! 

Ingredients – 

·      600g Strawberries

·      2 x 125g pots Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt

·      2 tbsp Icing Sugar

·      2 tbsp Apple Juice

·      6-8 Ice-lolly Moulds (or you can use other small containers that are freezer safe)

 Directions –

 ·      Cut the strawberries into quarters. 

·      Put the yogurt, icing sugar and apple juice into a processor, then add the strawberries and mix into a smooth purée (or use a hand blender if you prefer) 

·      Pour the mixture into the ice-lolly moulds. Put the lids and sticks into place and freeze! If you're using other containers, cover loosely with cling film and freeze until half-frozen

·      Insert the lolly sticks, and then freeze again until solid.

To serve, dip the moulds in hot water for a couple of seconds (making sure the water doesn’t go onto the lollies) and then turn them out.

Don’t let the summer heat get the better of you. Make these yummy lollies for you, and your children to enjoy!