Back in 2007 I discovered a recipe which made the most amazing chocolate fridge cake slices and since then I have probably made it more times than anything else. Ever. When I started my first job looking after four children in 2009 this became a regular on the baking (not that it involves baking at all …) agenda. We would spend hours mixing and melting, crunching and bashing - hours of fun and so much mess! 

You will need: 

  • 8oz butter (one pat of butter or 250g)

  • 6 wonderfully large tbsps of golden syrup

  • 200g of dark chocolate

  • 1 large packet of digestive biscuits (400g or so)

  • 100g raisins or sultanas

  • 1 tub of glace cherries (50g)

  • A baking tray, lined with parchment about 30cm long by 15cm wide. Don’t worry if its not this size exactly the mixture works thick or thin. 

The more adventurous you can be with the ingredients the better - this is a wonderful recipe which you can alter to your tastes. This can simply be done by adding nuts, removing raisins, using milk chocolate. Anything really. 


  • First things first: put the butter into a large mixing bowl and chop into haphazard pieces

  • Add the 6 wonderfully large tbsps of golden syrup (let the exact measurements go out of the window … if I’m making giant batches I just pour it all in!)

  • Break up the 200g of dark chocolate into the bowl of butter and syrup

  • Pop the bowl into the microwave and microwave for 30 seconds at a time stirring in between. Once the mixture is well mixed, it should be chocolatey in colour and runny, then remove from the microwave. (It may be hot at this point so ask an adult to help you out if needs be)

  • Leave the mixture to one side and crush the digestives up in another bowl. Sometimes I use the flat end of a rolling pin to crush the digestives into very small pieces, other times I use my hands and break them up into bigger pieces. Make the digestive pieces any size. Variety is the spice of life!

  • Now take a chopping board and empty the sticky tub of glace cherries onto it. Very carefully with a knife chop the cherries into smaller pieces, roughly a quarter of their original size.

  • Add the broken/crushed digestives to the chocolatey mixture along with the raisins and the cherries. Stir. 

  • When the mixture is well mixed and the digestives, raisins and cherries evenly covered, pour/scrape the mixture into a lined baking tray and pop into the fridge (or freezer if you need it to set really quickly!)

  • After about an hour in the fridge or half an hour in the freezer it will have set enough to cut into slices or squares

  • EAT.

This is my favourite recipe ever, such a guilty treat, so delicious and so easy. The children I used to make it for could never remember its name - hence why it is now called Chocolate Goo. To be truthful, I don’t remember its real name either!

Try it. Love it. Eat it.