From 1 week to 12 weeks - we've got your short term situation sorted.

Do you need some help for a few weeks? A couple of months? Our short term Kaya Nannies can help with any family situation. Whether you've got a big project on at work and need some extra support, you're expecting a baby and could use a hand with your other kids or your taking a Spanish class for the next 12 weeks - just ask and we'll get it sorted for you.



Our Kaya Nannies are family focussed.

Combining childcare and housekeeping their goal (and our goal) is to enable you to spend more quality time with your children when you get home from work, the new arrival has finally gone to sleep or your back and fluent in Spanish! 

The service at Freckles is tailored and bespoke to each and every family. There is no minimum number of hours required, we're here to help you. 

Housekeeping duties are completely family dependant and can include any of the following and more; family laundry, family cooking, dog walking, light cleaning, grocery shopping, PA duties - the list goes on...



You're supported throughout your time with us.

We provide emergency and additional cover to our clients at no extra cost, even on the short term placements - we don't want to leave you in the lurch. Whether it be sick cover, evening babysitting or a full day in the holidays - we've got it covered so you don't have to worry.