5 activities to do as a family this Easter in Bristol and Bath

5 activities to do as a family this Easter in Bristol and Bath

Whatever you decide to do with the kids this Easter, we hope you enjoy spending time as a family creating wonderful memories. We've found 5 activities that are definitely worth looking into if you're looking for inspiration this Easter. From visiting the SS Great Britain and the awesome Taste Chocolate event to getting involved in the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt,  there's plenty to do in Bristol and Bath this Easter.

When the weather outside is raining...| Freckles Blog

...you want to find activities that will amuse and excite your kids when it’s raining cats and dogs. So here goes, our list of activities to stop the boredom setting in too quickly:

1. A movie afternoon with friends

With the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Love Film, there’s plenty of films to choose from whatever type of movie you’re looking for. Get the duvets and pillows down in the lounge and supply them with popcorn and goodies. It’s guaranteed to go down well.

2. Pizza party

Whatever your age, this always seem to go down well. Either buy in the pizza bases or make the dough yourself. Then it’s just getting in some popular ingredients that the kids can pick and choose to have on their pizza and make their creation.

3. Scrapbook creations

Another favourite way to pass the time is to get them searching through old magazines and newspapers and cutting and sticking everything that’s relevant to a theme. This could be anything from food and sports to interesting people, the list is endless!

4. Create a den

This is great fun and seems to provide hours of entertainment. Either build it yourself or let them help out using pillows, duvets, sheets, beanbags and the all important chairs. Now let their imaginations run wild.

5. Dressing up

From wigs and capes to silly glasses, hats and full on outfits, dressing up can be so much fun. Put all of your props into a big box and let their imaginations run wild.