You’re over the halfway line, the next half of term is in sight, you’re so nearly there. But, you still have numerous children to entertain and 4 whole days to fill. I know the feeling all too well of searching high and low online for activities to entertain the kids with and the majority of them come back as being incredibly far fetched or a little bit too pricey. Or just completely incompatible with the Great British February weather!

So I’ve put together a list of a few things that I think are affordable, that can entertain children for a decent length of time and hopefully that you might not have tried yet. 

  1. Make drop scones for breakfast - they are so easy to make, great fun and make breakie a little bit more exciting. Check out http://www.amummytoo.co.uk/2012/05/scotch-pancake-breakfast/for a good recipe and other food inspiration!

  2. Get out a board game - I know it may seem old fashioned and perhaps a bit dated considering we can play anything we like on a computer screen, tablet or TV but there is nothing better for passing time and fueling a little competitiveness than a good old board game. Connect 4 (great for 2 people, first person to 10 wins is the winner), Battleships (great for 2 people and make it a competition so a certain number of wins or something), Ludo (2 to 4 people, super easy and great fun).

  3. Get out and about on a scavenger hunt! Print each of the kids a scavenger hunt checklist, give them a pencil for marking, wrap up warm and dry and set out. It’s a great way to get the kids out into the fresh air, keep them interested and hopefully tire them out. You can make it a competition or work as a team, whichever you prefer. See http://howtonestforless.com/2012/07/24/nature-scavenger-hunt-for-the-kids-free-printable/ for a great checklist to print!

  4. If it’s terrible weather then a trip to the cinema is a great way to get them out of the house and interested in something. I suggest for checking out movie times and locations use http://www.movieglu.com - it is so easy to use, comparing movies, locations and times. Big Hero 6 is definitely a goodie for all the kids.

  5. Have a tea party! Invite a couple of friends round (I’d suggest a friend of yours that just happens to have kids and while they have juice you can have a glass of something!). You can get the children to bake some cookies and a cake (see our previous blogs) buy some cucumber and cream cheese, or whatever you fancy from the shops to make scrummy sandwiches. Cut the crusts off to feel extra special! Task the children with decorating and laying the table, then enjoy. The kids should be able to entertain themselves with friends round and the company of another mum/dad should help keep you sane and not too fraught!

Finally I would say as tempting as it is to let the little ones stay up, keep to bedtimes as best you can, otherwise they will just wake up tired and become a little more difficult and testing on you. If its horrible weather, pop them in front of a movie at home, make it extra special with a little popcorn or something. Get them to help you with any tasks you’re doing - kids love to have a job and with nearly everything you do there is something they can do too! 

Most of all enjoy the time they have off, before you know it they’ll be 18 and leaving home and you'll be wishing they were small and pestering you all the time!