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We have made a parenting quiz for the parents of the world! 

This quiz was designed to encourage and inspire parents, as well as being a fun pastime. 

The quiz results have been split into three categories: Loving Parent, Playful Parent and The Super Parent.

  1. The Loving Parent is for the parents who are always ready to snuggle and cuddle their little one. They love to see them laughing and smiling as they enjoy themselves. They give the best hugs and kisses for sure! 

  2. The Playful Parent is for the parents who are always ready for an adventure with their children. Whether it be a trip to the zoo, or just watching a really exciting film, these parents are bound to enjoy the quality time with their little one! 

  3. The Super Parent is for the parents that just won't rest until their child's day has been a terrific one! They run, they laugh and they play constantly, even when they're tired, they sill strive to give their little one the best experiences. Truly super-tastic! 

I hope you all take part in our quiz, and I hope it inspires and encourages you to be the best parent you can be! The link to the quiz is below, and please don't be shy, tell us what type of parent you are on Twitter, Facebook or even in the comments below! 

Quiz time quiz time! - Click here to take part