This blog is very unlike me, non-chocolatey - what even is that? Chocolate makes the world go round, okay so not literally but it does help. I’m sure of it. I love chocolate. I’ll always choose it over sweets. I always crave a square or two (or three…) in the evenings. We always have it in the office but with the ever approaching Easter and the sudden overwhelming chocolateyness in the shops I thought why not break a trend and give an Easter present that a bit more thought has gone into and that isn’t just funny shaped chocolate. 

So I’ve been brainstorming and I thought why not share it all with you (although sorry family, this kind of gives the game away as to what you’re all getting). i’ve come up with three main ideas. Two are creative and the third is an activity. All can be done by parents and children, adults and kids alike. 

Creative Idea 1:

My first idea was to buy plain white or cream egg cups and some pottery or china paint so that I can paint or personalise an egg cup for people. In my hunt for egg cups I found kits online that you can buy from amazon etc which are all ready to go but you’d do just as well to pop to your local supermarket and get a set of plain egg cups for next to nothing and then hit the art store for the paint. This way you can control the number of egg cups you buy without having to buy lots of sets and you can choose the exact colours and textures of paint that you want to use.

Creative Idea 2:

My second idea for a non-chocolatey easter present was to hard boil an egg per person in my family and paint them to make a hard boiled egg family of us! To do this simply pop 5 eggs (or however many people are in your family) into a saucepan of boiling water, leave for 10 minutes to cook all the way through, make sure the water is only simmering at this point (little bubbles not big angry bubbles). After 10 minutes use a slotted spoon to remove the hard boiled eggs from the water and leave to cool. Once they have cooled down set to painting and decorating. I even stick coloured thread onto the top of mine to become hair ! It’s a great way to pass the time and they look fab sat in their personalised egg cups on Easter morning!

Something a little more active:

My final thought was to create an easter egg treasure hunt! This is an Easter egg hunt with a twist (well combined with a treasure hunt, but shh don’t tell) Instead of hiding lots of little eggs around the garden you can create more of a treasure hunt with one chocolate egg treat at the end. 

You will need: lots of empty jam jars (don't worry if you don't have any), some paper and a pen. 

First things first is to write down as many clues as you can think of leading to something, each one must lead to a different place or object. For example:

  1. I am in the place where eggs are laid - chicken hutch
  2. You put me on to go outside and play in puddles - wellies
  3. I am used to dig holes for plants - spade
  4. You can tip me up and tea comes out - teapot 

Now write the clues on to separate bits of paper and pop them into the jam jars if you have them, if you don’t have jam jars don’t worry just fold the bits of paper up and they can go loose into each location. 

The next bit is the tricky bit, you’ve got to remember which clue is which and make sure you pop the clue in location spot before. For example:

  • If you start by giving the children/parents clue no.1 then clue no.2 needs to be popped into the chicken hutch and clue no.3 into the wellies and clue no.4 next to the spade etc. if clue no.4 is your last clue then pop the chocolate eggs in the teapot and you’re done!

I love treasure hunts they were my favourite game growing up (nothings changed) and we did them religiously for a friends birthday every year, we even had one at my mums 40th! No one is ever to old to get involved. You can either set people off in teams and at staggered intervals and time them to see who wins or you can set them all off at the same time to make it a race. I prefer a staggered interval start as that means the different teams are less likely to be hunting for the same clue at the same time. Give it a go, I think you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it. 

So there we are, a few ideas for something a bit different and a little less chocolatey! But ...