Protecting Your Child From the Summer Sun | Freckles Blog

The concentration of the sun varies across different locations in the world. Whether it be in Britain, or Dubai the sun is harmful, especially for your children.  

Here are a few tips and tricks to fully protect your little ones from those UV rays!

1.    Wear sun cream: - This is a must have. Your sun cream needs to be above SPF 30 to seriously protect your little ones. The risk of sunburn is high, so this is 100% needed.

2.    Find shade: - During the midday hours the sun is at its hottest. Therefore, going to find a shady spot for some lunch is vital.

3.    Cover up: - When walking to, or from the beach or anywhere you can be exposed to the sun, cover up. A towel, oversized t-shirt or beach dress will suffice. (Tip – A wet t-shirt offers less protection from UV rays than a dry one. And, darker colours offer more protection than lighter colours).

 4.    Hats and sunglasses: - It is best to always wear a hat. No matter what kind, one is definitely needed. The best hats for sun protection are the ones that shade the face, ears and neck. But be sure to apply sun cream to all other exposed areas. Sunglasses aren’t as vital, but they are good at protecting your child’s eyes from the UV rays.

5.    Water: - Make sure you and your children keep hydrated in the warmer weather, as dehydration can lead to sunstroke and heat exhaustion.

We hope our short this of tips are tricks helps you, and your little ones during the warmer months!