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So with summer well under way (well a week in) and my summer resolution being ‘Take Up Daily Exercise’ I thought that maybe my plan for summer might inspire a few of you or get you into doing a little bit of something during the week. I work around four children so everything I suggest is complete parent friendly. 

The agenda I follow goes as such, it's not set in stone for you - alter it to do what you prefer:

  • 2 runs per week, I aim to do three miles which takes me 30 minutes. I take the dog with me, meaning that I don’t have to walk him later that day.

  • 1 pilates class per week. Pilates is a great workout as it tones up your whole body. My class is run by a friend and is after I’ve done the school run. You also don’t get crazily sweaty so can squeeze it in before a meeting/coffee as you don’t turn up looking like a beetroot!

  • Skipping for 10 minutes OR doing 50 sit ups and 22 press ups on each of the other four days. Skipping is great for an all over body workout. Costs nothing once you have the skipping rope and can be done anywhere. I do it in my room before I shower. Set my timer on my phone and off I go. Admittedly I was absolutely terrible when I first tried it, could not even do 10 in a row, but I’m getting the hang of it now. The ab workout is a great one if you only have 5 mins, I do it before I hop into bed. Takes so little time and you can adjust it to what is capable for you. Try to increase it by maybe 5 each week. 

I also joined Park Run this week, It’s a 5km run on a Saturday morning and they are all over the country and all over the world. They’re free to go to, well organised and full of friendly people. Once again I took my dog (he wasn’t too thrilled at having to run at 9am on a Saturday but oh well!) and we set off at our pace at the back. Its full of people of all ages and you can take your children. Some of the courses let you run with buggies, if you have babies but to all your children can run. If they are under 11 they need to be accompanied by you all the way round, otherwise they can dart off at their own pace or with their friends. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, the motivation of running with other people and of running a nice course was great. Check out the website to find and register for your closest. 

I wanted to take up swimming as it is such a great activity for all the family but sadly my local pool is closed until the Spring. I hoping to bring it into my weekly agenda once it reopens. 

I find with exercising that once I get into doing it regularly it becomes a habit but like with any ‘good’ habit, it takes a while to develop but can be dropped very quickly. On the days when I’m feeling exhausted and I really have to force myself to do my skipping or my ab workout I think of how great I feel afterwards and how guilty I would feel if I don’t do it. That seems to be able to motivate me through. The second thing I find is having good gym kit. I got lucky, it was my birthday back in January and I got some new trainers and some running leggings - I know feel like such a pro in them that I try even harder. 

If you can find a friend to commit to doing this with you. Even if it’s just one run per week and one pilates class then you are already doing so much better than before. Do something, don't do nothing. The feeling of finishing a workout, of being sweaty, of having achieved something is incomparable.

For inspiration check out #thisgirlcan