Holiday Kaya Nannies - for that random one day or a good few weeks - whatever you need we've got it covered!

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For that random one day; when you've asked all your friends, the Grandparents have done their duty and the kids have loved but been to every holiday camp or for a good few weeks; one person, one simple calendar (well simpler) and where childcare is sorted for the whole holiday. Whatever you need, we've got it covered.

Full time, part time or just a day - we have an awesome team of Kaya Nannies ready and waiting to swoop in and head to the beach, build a den, assume their role as Darth Vader or Elsa or even just help finish off that pesky holiday homework.



Our Kaya Nannies are keen to become part of a family for the summer holidays or just give you back some 'me' time. They're happy to get stuck into the childcare and housekeeping as their goal is to enable to you to spend more quality time with your children when you get home.

Sometimes nothing quite beats being able to get up and out the door for work or your day without having to chase the children around, frantically pack lunches, pile into the car, realise you forgot the swimming kit and ultimately wishing you could just go back to bed! A Holiday Kaya Nanny comes to your home, gets the kids up, takes them out or charges them around the garden. They can still have playdates, enjoy all their toys at home and your life can go on!

Our fee structure is simple and can be seen here →

The service at Freckles is tailored and bespoke to each and every family. Simply tell us your holiday needs and we'll get onto it. 


If you have any questions please do contact the Freckles Team on 01225 722883 or email us on