Next date: Friday 7 June - Sunday 9 June 2019

Residential Nanny Training

Designed by a Nanny, for Nannies.


When I started Nannying in October 2009, I had just finished my A-Levels and had no training or qualifications to my name. I just kinda fell into it! I had sole charge of 4 children; 13, 11, 7 and 4 and my 7yo was severely disabled - she didn’t walk or talk and was like having a baby.

I wish there had been some training that I could have done and a community of Nannies that I could have joined. There wasn’t and so fast forward to today and here we are. To date we’ve trained 68 amazing individuals as Kaya Nannies; 40 who have completed the residential weekend and 28 who have done standalone courses.

Training covers; Baby Basics, Emotional Health, Family Cooking and Paediatric First Aid and every course is tailored to those in the session. Early on in my Nannying career, one of my children was self harming and it changed my world for ever.

I hope you love as much as I do and I can’t wait to meet you!

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3 Day Course

Day 1: Baby Basics OR Paediatric First Aid

Day 2: Emotional Health OR Family Cooking

Day 3: Emotional Health OR Family Cooking

Freckles Nanny Training is delivered as a 3 day residential course, from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. The course is fully catered and includes luxury accommodation in a beautiful house 10 minutes from Salisbury. All training is delivered on site.

Friday 7 June | 10am - 5pm

Baby Basics

The Baby Basics course will leave you feeling confident about not only being handed a baby as young as 12 weeks, but also fully equipped with the tools and knowledge of what to do. It covers the basics of nappy changing, bathing, making bottles, naps, safety and poorly babies.  

The course is certified, with a certificate awarded on completion.

Friday 7 June | 10am - 5pm

Paediatric First Aid (12hr Blended)

You'll leave with the confidence to manage any first aid situation that might arise as the course covers; CPR, bandaging, allergies, burns and general bumps and scrapes. Furthermore, it covers these in relation to babies, toddlers and older children. The course is a 12hr blended course, with 6 hours of e-learning (completed in advance) and a 6 hour practical.

A fully accredited course, with a certificate awarded on completion. Valid for 3 years.

Saturday 8 or Sunday 9 June | 9.30am - 5pm

Emotional Health

Delivered by the child psychologist Dr Maryhan, you'll leave equipped with the skills, tools and activities to support the emotional health of the children in your care. The course covers an introduction to emotional and mental health, anxiety, attachment, confidence and resilience. You go through practical activities and leave with a toolbox of activities ready to go. 

Dr Maryhan remains on hand throughout your time as a Nanny - and of course, as one of our trainees we’re here to support you too.

The course is certified, with a certificate awarded on completion.

Saturday 8 or Sunday 9 June | 9.30am - 5pm

Family Cooking

Delivered by an experienced private chef and former food critic, the Family Cooking course will leave you confident with basic cooking skills, adapting recipes for dietary requirements and full of new ideas to take home and test.

The course is certified, with a certificate awarded on completion.

Whats Included?

  • Luxury accommodation (shared room, 2-3 per room*)

  • Hot tub

  • Free transfers from Salisbury station

  • Copy of ‘The Nanny Companion’ (RRP: £49)

  • Fully catered with delicious food

  • Amazing company & lots of fun!

*single room available by arrangement


What’s the cost?

  • 3 day residential; £750

  • Standalone courses; £195

Next Dates:

  • Friday 7 June - Sunday 9 June

  • Friday 13 September - Sunday 15 September

  • Friday 22 November - Sunday 24 November

Any questions or queries then speak to Becca at Team Freckles on 01225 722883 or